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I have had a passion for photography of all kinds since my student days, when I held my first SLR, a fully manual, externally metered Zenith E. Over the next few decades, a family and a career in the corporate world (computers and IT), put much of the photography to one side.

The passion resurfaced when I retired out of the technology industry in the early 2000's, and I now work professionally as a photographer, providing a variety of services, both behind the camera as a photographer, but also in post-processing work with anything from photo-manipulation and retouching, to providing Giclée fine art prints for artists, from their original paintings.

I returned to full time education as a (very?!) mature student, completing a BA in Commercial Photography (with distinction) in 2013. This course of study forced me to undertake photographic projects that I might not otherwise have considered, or shied away from. I did feel that in order to fit properly back into student life, I needed to get some tattoos and/or piercings. I managed to resist getting metalwork or body art in order to be trendy!

My photography

I photograph people, places, and pretty much anything that is a noun. Please visit the Portraits and Events pages for more details of professional services offered. You can click here to contact me by email, and telephone information is on the portrait/event price list.


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